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Directed Energy Technology

Directed-energy technology is already an indispensable component of the military and has tremendous potential for the future. The evidence indicates that directed-energy will soon become the most significant technology for success on the battlefield. Directed-energy technologies support warfighting enablers, such as robotics, information technology, space technology, and drones. Moreover, it is the best defense against new threats, such as cyber warfare, missile proliferation, armed drones, and small boat swarms.

Directed-energy technologies can also support many new operational tasks, such as curtailing the number of ground troops, reducing collateral damage, long distance strikes, and improved situational awareness. Finally, directed-energy can support weapons platforms and communications systems located in all war-fighting domains. In order to meet new challenges on the battlefield, the U.S military should immediately embrace the war-fighting potential that directed-energy technologies possess. Learn More

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