Access Engineering offers you a wide range of precision CNC machining services to meet your unique parts requirements. Our capabilities include CNC milling and turning, wire EDM, plasma and water jet cutting.

With this comprehensive line of machinery we have the ability to handle many material types and a broad range of part sizes that can be applied to a wide variety of products and the needs of diverse industries.

Access provides single-part prototyping, short to medium production runs, and special blanket order arrangements with periodic scheduled releases.

We focus on lean manufacturing and have extensive experience with tight tolerance stack ups in complex assemblies. We also offer after-machining processes including powder coating, hot dip galvanizing and anodizing.

Key Industries

The need for high accuracy and repeatability in the Aerospace industry, combined with the necessity to ensure part history for audits, makes CNC machining of components an obvious choice. Tolerances within the order of ±0.0001” are required to ensure the compliance and safety of extremely critical aeronautical parts.

With most components being made in aluminum, for its strength to weight ratio, CNC machining provides the ideal solution for creating everything from simple, high tolerance spacers to sophisticated bearing housings.

Commercial products require repeatability across high volumes whilst remaining competitive in their pricing. The flexibility of CNC machining allows for production of a vast spectrum of component sizes and limitless shapes in a wide range of materials.

Partnering with a CNC machining specialist saves time in all processes from prototyping to production, which is especially valuable in the optical industry where multiple trials are performed during the product development phase. Design improvements are easily implemented and tested and, once in production, the short lead times and high levels of quality control in the CNC machining process become vital to ensuring profitability.

A good example is the manufacture of glass spectacle lenses, which are cut using CNC controlled water jets that can be directed to produce intricate features such as precisely angled bevels, steps and grooves that would be difficult to produce using other manufacturing methods.

A wide range of defense applications, from communication equipment to tank parts, can be sourced from a CNC machining supplier. Defense industry partners, however, need to have the same commitment to quality with reliable delivery to ensure that vital CNC manufactured components meet strict industry standards and adhere to the necessary government safety codes.

In this industry there is no room for error; tolerances must be met and machine tools monitored for wear. CNC machines conduct their own in-process measurement and quality assurance, intrinsic to the machining operation, which ensures vital components are reproduced identically, however large the quantity.

With the continued trend of miniaturization in consumer electronics, components are becoming smaller and more powerful, whilst needing to remain lightweight and compact. CNC small scale and micromachining can handle the specialized materials required, holding to very tight tolerances for the very smallest component, even throughout the highest volume production runs.

In components used in medical devices and equipment, life can depend on impeccable precision. CNC machining solutions self-monitor and adjust for accuracy and repeatability and are often used in the manufacture of medical instruments, as well as for making orthotic devices and surgical implants. CNC machines are able to process the necessary specialized materials and provide a completed final product, even down to a knurled or mirror finish with no requirement for further processing.

Recording and producing its own documentation, CNC equipment can provide the automated reports necessary for product tracking and FDA process approval.

Manufacturing services are provided through our domestic US-only partnerships.