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Engineers have to make assumptions in order to be able to realize their design ideas. As time progresses these assumptions are being refined or eliminated allowing for more accurate results. Multiphysics is one major enabler in eliminating assumptions. How? By coupling related physical applications together to include all the necessary factors for a complete model. Because the real world applications can include acoustics, electromagnetics, chemical reactions, mechanics, fluid flow, and heat transfer effects, your simulation environment should also.

COMSOL Multiphysics is a comprehensive simulation software environment for a wide array of applications, but structured and user-friendly for all to use. Learn more 


  • Powerful software that can combine multiple type of physics, solve big and complicated geometries and provides a lot of flexibility.
  • It is easy to use and lets you get up and running in a short time. Smooth user interface.
  • It can link with Matlab, and create user-defined functions.
  • Great customer support and online documentation.


  • Results interface.
  • The options for manipulation of data of simulation parameters is limited.
  • Not ideal for complex geometries.
  • Grid independency issues with current meshing tools.
  • Heavy on computational resources – reduced solutions times.
  • Expensive software.

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