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Power Beaming: An Emerging Game-Changing Technology

Power Beaming An Emerging Game-Changing Technology

Performance Driven Generative Design allows you to explore and validate designs through simulation, make informed decisions on weight reduction and optimized performance. Generate shapes that Many military energy applications are crippled by dependence on fossil fuels, batteries with limited life and capacity, and operations in areas that are difficult, expensive, and risky for energy resupply via conventional means. Within the past few years, there has been a surge in advances in multiple technology areas that have direct and compelling relevance to these problems. Technology to support the ability to send energy over long distances without wires has gained momentum, currency, and recognition by many entities.

For defense purposes, a number of application areas are of immediate interest: swarming, teamed, and individual autonomous air, ground, and sea vehicles; offboard countermeasures; unattended ground and sea sensors; explosive ordnance disposal; and assets security. Perhaps the ultimate application of wireless power is space solar, in which sunlight collected in orbit is sent to points of need on the earth.
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Directed Energy: Transforming the Future of Warfare

Directed Energy Technology

Directed-energy technology is already an indispensable component of the military and has tremendous potential for the future. The evidence indicates that directed-energy will soon become the most significant technology for success on the battlefield. Directed-energy technologies support warfighting enablers, such as robotics, information technology, space technology, and drones. Moreover, it is the best defense against new threats, such as cyber warfare, missile proliferation, armed drones, and small boat swarms.

Directed-energy technologies can also support many new operational tasks, such as curtailing the number of ground troops, reducing collateral damage, long distance strikes, and improved situational awareness. Finally, directed-energy can support weapons platforms and communications systems located in all war-fighting domains. In order to meet new challenges on the battlefield, the U.S military should immediately embrace the war-fighting potential that directed-energy technologies possess. Learn More